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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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measles hitting three bay area counties. what health officials want you to do to keep the highly contagious virus from spreading. plus tying a coach's pay to an athlete's performance in the classroom. the controversial proposal up for vote today. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. change in the works for today, mainly clear to start, not as much fog out there. we have good air quality, not a spare the air day. mild later on today but hey we know you want to get outdoors, your weekend is around the corner now and temperatures are going to be perfect for the beach. more on that in just moments. fog certainly not an issue for our view of the san mateo bridge. on the peninsula side an update on the crash on 101 and what's up for that counter commute slowing for 580 this morning? >> what is up with that? we'll find out. first we are in rarified air the san bruno mountains looking out at the bay area. it is thursday, january the 22nd, you are watching "today in the bay."
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>> and a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. authorities identified a south bay man who was shot to death in east palo alto. police say that 36-year-old steven porter jr. of san jose was shot and killed as he sat in his car on camellia drive and jasmine way. this happened a little bit after 6:00 at night. porter was shot multiple times and then died at the scene. the gunman took off before police could actually arrive there and no one has been arrested so far. this morning, five people are recovering after three separate shootings in east oakland, happened around 9:00 last night. two people were shot on 80th avenue, two others on 60th avenue. another person shot near 105th and san leandro street. police say all the victims should be okay. no word yet if those shootings are connected. you should get vaccinated,
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the message from health officials as they try to figure out how to keep the measles from spreading. >> there are several confirmed cases throughout the bay area. >> on that note "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us with the focus that the measles outbreak is putting parents on, kris to say no to the xzéwvacci. >> the pressure is on the parents who do say no to the vaccine. there are three bay area counties with measles cases, santa clara, almeida and san mateo county and this is considered one of the worst measles outbreaks in california in 15 years. most of the people who got the virus were either not vaccinated or undervaccinated. the measles outbreak that started at disneyland is prompting drastic measures by officials in orange county where disneyland is. they are banning 20 unvaccinated students from a high school there for 21 days, after a student with measles showed up on campus there earlier this month. 21 days being the incubation period for that airborne virus. seems drastic and probably going to perk up the ears of many bay
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area parents, but consider the fact that people can catch the virus from just being in a room where someone has been, who had the measles two hours before. the virus can live on cold, dry surfaces. experts say that people without the vaccine are 35 times more likely to contract measles than those who have been vaccinated, and as you might know, the bay area is home to more parents than in most places who choose not to vaccinate or forego some of the recommended vaccinations. >> in 2000 we pretty much eliminated measles and now we are seeing an upswing taken has to do with people not getting immunized. >> california's chief epidemiologist is disturbing anyone who has not been vaccinated to avoid going to disneyland but if you have a baby under the age of 6 months, too young to be immunized, then there is a different urgency for that, not only avoid places like disneyland but also avoid airports, because of the concentration of international
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travelers. if your kids have not gotten that mmr vaccine, which includes measles, health experts say the time to do that is now. you might want to talk to a booster shot for yourself, if you are a college student, work in a hospital or medical facility, travel internationally, or you are a woman of child bearing age, and if you were born in the '70s or '80s about before the second kindergarten booster was recommended as a normal course. cold and flu season, i can tell you that firsthand because i have one of each at home. >> tell me here in san jose the symptoms are different for the cold, flu and measles. giving you pointers to look for just in case you're concerned somebody in your household has come into contact. >> it's true a lot of people are sick now. kids back in school. >> yes. >> thanks, kris. happening today, call it an incentive for coaches to push their athletes to perform to the best of their abilities not only
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on the field but classroom, too. controversial plan up for vote by the uc regents >> stephanie chuang is live in san francisco where board members will meet in the next few hours to discuss it. good morning >> good morning to you both, laura and sam. it's happening here at the mission bay campus, regents set to discuss a proposal to tie coach's bonus pay to how well their student athletes perform academically, talking about grades and graduation rates and speaking of which, a little over a year ago is when those reports came out on graduation rates revealing that uc berkeley ranks very low in the country among major universities in both men's football and basketball. the information online in terms of employee salaries shows that the top three highest paid are from the athletic side making more than $2 million a year. this comes as the uc system struggles with the issue of funding. yesterday though there was some forward movement on that, as the regents gave preliminary
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approval to make governor jerry brown and janet napolitano two people together in a committee to further study options >> i think it puts two people with clear responsibility, one for the budget of the state and one for the budget of the university, right together, learning together, exploring together. so i'm hopeful it will be a step towards reaching accommodation on a budget. >> reporter: the regents are expected to approve this committee. innapolitano wants $220 million from the state, brown offering $120. if the approved tuition hike was dropped. that hike would increase tuition by 28% during the next five years. back here live the usual a little bit of police presence ahead of any regents meeting. there may be some student comment but not expected to have any protests like back in november. the agenda between brown and napolitano will focus on everything from pay to compensation to health benefits
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and also online education. these will be private meetings so again, the first bit of open session for the public comment will be at 10:00 this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> a little controversy, thank you. >> a lot of money at stake. 6:07, time to check the forecast as we first take a peek outside, that of course as we like to say the illuminated bay bridge this morning. 6:07, probably getting ready to start your day. >> a pretty day. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. cool start to our morning and a nice afternoon coming our way. >> it is loving out there. we are all going to get paid in sunshine, not just today as we head through the next couple of days. we pay the big bucks to live in the bay area and most of the reason why we like beautiful landscapes of course, we have the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge, and the weather hard to beat especially this time of year, when we keep telling but people in the northeast bundling up in snowfall. for us, we're talking about the
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80s in january at our local beaches in the next couple days so it's going to be nice out there. 39 degrees to start, still feeling like winter in the morning months morning hours, excuse me, 49 degrees in san francisco so we're still hitting the lows on par average for this month which is cool. as we get into the heat of the day, at 33:00 we bypass the average by a good five to ten degrees and that is the story of the day and then we'll keep that warming trend going as we get into the next couple days. so temperatures are really going to warm up rapidly. let me give you a preview, we're so close to that weekend. we work hard around here. 73 degrees in sonoma wine country. if you wanted to hit the russian river, beautiful conditions out there all weekend long. up to 77 degrees sunday. saturday into sunday temperatures in the mid-70s and that boardwalk in cruz look at this, 80 degrees at the beach as we head into your sunday.
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now that said, it's going to be a little chilly out there and then we'll see highs that are comfortable this afternoon. we'll keep that warming trend going through friday, saturday, even sunday and monday rains moves in. more in moments. mike it's one of the great weekends where you can hit the beach or hit tahoe. we'll talk about what they're experience in moments. over to you. >> looking forward to hearing about that. right now looking for folks heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, there's a lot of folks waiting for you, don't worry, you won't be lonely. wherever will we find company this morning, sam. metering lights on, the fast track lanes are moving pretty well considering it is the bay bridge toll plaza. let's look at your maps, a smooth drive on the approach, the east shore freeway west 80 at the top of your screen showing a little slowing. let's move this map and trivalley as you approach the dublin grade coming out of castro valley. the early slowdown finally cleared up. what was causing that an earlier crash at eaton canyon road.
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the traffic is reinstating to normal flow and typical westbound commute out of theality month pass and over at the castro valley. as we look at the live sensors a smooth drive through the south bay. we'll finish with the maps here. i want to show you one bit we were showing with the maps, the dublin area, guy action our live look at dublin shows there's low clouds in the area, that is one concern. we'll end with the report and the live shot showing you the traffic flowing smoothly toward the dublin interchange. note for san francisco word of a power outage in san francisco affecting i guess the street lights, traffic lights especially at van nes and lombard, and the signals might be disrupted. of course the customers for pg&e swrl. >> over 4,400 people. pg&e saying it could be restored 8:30 this morning. still ahead on "today in the bay," b.a.r.t. may put the
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brakes on vaping. bill gates makes a bold promise. we'll look coming up in business and tech. plus watch your step. this new sidewalk may look pretty but some say it's dangerous. we'll explain next.
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officers conduct is investigated after a video was posted to several websites that appears to show abofficer jostling a man out of his wheelchair. it reportedly happened on sunday when officers stepped in to stop an argument involving the man in the wheelchair and other men. in the end police cited four people. we don't know if the man in the wheelchair was one of them. officials tell the "new york times" that lawyers will not be bringing civil rights charges
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against the ferguson officer who shot and killed michael brown. an fbi investigation reportedly did not find any evidence to support the claim that officer darren wilson violated brown's civil rights when he shot the unarmed teenager last year. >> today b.a.r.t. board members will meet to consider banning electronic cigarettes for all b.a.r.t. trains and barth property. it would follow the lead set by several bay area cities that limit ecigarette use. lot of controversy over police license plate readers. the device is mounted on top of squad cars that report plate numbers. >> it's all about perspective. scott mcgrew we get a rare chance to see what they see. >> several police agencies around the bay area use them as the car drives say through a parking lot the cameras and the computers and the squad car, look at the plate numbers and compare them to a list, and if there's an instance of say a stolen car, the computer will alert the officer. that's fairly noncontroversial.
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what is controversial the records are kept, you can see what car was where. the electronic frontier foundation in san francisco filed a freedom of information request from the plate data from the oakland police department and they've done some interesting things with the data, like create a heat map of where those camera cars drive now. now here's the interesting thing. it found nothing suspicious. the eff cheers oakland for not hiding the data, like other police agencies have. the data actually does show some interesting things, it shows the camera cars were not always in oakland, sometimes still recording when they weren't, for instance cutting across emeryville. the point is not opd did anything wrong, it's the right of the people to see what the cameras see. you can actually download the data yourself if you're interested. other news, bill gates is back in the headlines here he is last night on jimmy fallon. gates made a huge declaration. he's going to make sure the
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worldwide child death rate falls by half in the next 15 years. one guy, promising to cut child death rate in half. he says it's actually fairly simple. starting with clean water and vaccines. kris sanchez talking about vaccines this morning doing a great job. i think the media in general don't remind people of this often enough. the doctor that created that vaccine scare in the late '90s was stripped of his medical license over accusations of faking the data. the report that created that scare was withdrawn by the "journal of atlanta." the editor says the claims made in the paper were utterly false. >> now we're having a measles epidemic in this state counties in the bay area. >> yep. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. 6:16 right now. it might feel like you're walking on broken glass but that's not what city wants. the new sidewalks in palo alto sparkle, they're shiny but also dangerous. pieces of glass supposed to be stuck in the concrete as part of
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the design or the aesthetic are coming loose. now the city says that some areas will have to be torn out and they'll have to start from scratch. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from california avenue in downtown palo alto. the new sidewalks are part of a $7 million facelift. >> reporter: a beautification project taking place along california avenue between el camino and the caltrain tracks. you can't deny, it look very nice. they've taken concrete and embedded it with recycled glass but some shoppers and some business owners complained it is a little bit rough and some of the glass piece, not most, just a few, have come loose. here's a few that we found this morning. the problem is that these little pieces, they're jagged. they are sharp, and clearly the concern is for kids or pets, if anyone were to fall down that maybe they could get hurt. again only a few pieces of glass are coming up. like i said the majority are staying put but that being said, the city is aware of the
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problem. they've heard the complaints and so what they've done is they've talked to the contractor that's been installing this and gotten the contractor to agree to pull up some sections of this sidewalk, jackhammer it and reinstall it and have the contractor pay for that, so that the city isn't out any money. we've talked to business owners. their concern is, hey, i've lost business during the time they installed this concrete. now they have to do a reinstall and during that redo, they're a little concerned they might lose some business. not clear how long it will take. probably a few days perhaps to do the jackhammering, get this back in or could be a less amount of time. the city saying they got the contractor to agree to fix the problem, and this should not delay the project the entire beautification project, supposed to be complete pi march. reporting live here in palo alto, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> wear shoes in the area. zploo watch out for loose pieces. 6:18. we'll look outside, no
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beautification process needed here. that is the skyline from downtown san jose right now and looking pretty clear as christina has been talking about. >> that's right. we're going to expect some nice temperatures today. >> it's going to be really, really nice out there. motivates you to get outdoors, maybe you haven't given up that new year's resolution just yet. many of us have. 6:19 now. hey, maybe you want to head up to tahoe. we're talking about how warm our beaches are going to be. let's talk about what's going on up there, because squaw valley, alpine meadows, world class resorts, we still have some really good skiing happening. you got to head up to the upper mountain if you want the base, 34 inches so just under three feet but temperatures overnight still cold enough for the snow making to continuously take place and that technology has come a long way so if you want to get up there this weekend, you have that option or you can also hit the beach. you got to love california. 39 degrees in the south bay right now, 43 on the peninsula and 43 degrees in the north bay.
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temperatures warm in the mid-60s for today and one of the things we've been talking about are the big breakers that we have in the forecast. high surf advisory goes up tonight. we're going to see the biggest waves tomorrow and those big waves will continue all the way through sunday. so if you're swhoun likes to take a drive up 1 and watch the big waves crashing this is your weekend to do so. if you are going to head to the beach, though, conditions are going to be really nice. you want to keep in mind we're fair game for sneaker waves and rip currents as well. the water is really cold as you know, but still, it's going to be 80 degrees in santa cruz on sunday. for us here in the south bay, we'll end up in the mid-70s. by saturday the upper 70s for sunday, and 72 degrees on monday. let's talk about where we're expecting more rain and where tahoe might get a little more snowfall. we head into next week, monday, when we meet back here we'll likely be tracking a storm system sneaking up from the south. this is a warm system. once it moves over tahoe your
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snow levels will be around 7,000 feet but for us here in the bay area, we're looking really, really good to pick up some shower activity especially on tuesday and that will continue into wednesday as well. so it's been a while since we've had to work out our umbrellas. as of next week, dust it off, looks like we're going to need it. more on this coming up. i'll tell you how much we're expecting, not great precipitation totals but a little drop in the bucket. some cities might pick up a quarter of an inch. we'll let you know if it that's yours in moment. checking your drive with mike. skiers havier fingers crossed because we need the snow in the sierra. toward the south bay, northbound 101 sorting itself out through a typical commute. looking at the maps area north 101 north of 680 on our map sensors. smoother drive through the area as well. little slowing as well as 87 to downtown but no big drama. over here, fremont moves nicely toward mission boulevard. the live camera we'll skip that and talk about the map sensors showing you the slowdown that
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popped up, southbound 880 around mallory, the latest crash cleared to the shoulder. we have your typical build, castro valley hayward and fremont. dumb barton bridge, san mateo bridge, westbound commutes picking volume. the trivalley on your right side of the screen, folks, there's south 680, no big drama, just the build for pleasanton and sunol. north of the bay bridge easy drive to east shore freeh bay. carquinez bridge and benicia bridge clear drive this morning but typical slowing for highway 4 into concord and heading toward the walnut creek interchange. let's look over here, san rafael, the live camera out here shows you the traffic starting to build as well. the lights moving nicely south and good facing. no real fog through san rafael but farther north patchy fog, maybe santa rosa and north of there. so far chp hasn't given anyri advise ris. :22, who is in the hot seat again? bill belichick and the patriots.
6:23 am
what he may or more likely may not say this morning about the controversy that quickly picked up steam known simply as deflate gate.
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a live look inside gillette stadium, home of the new england patriots. yes, those same new england patriots now at the center of deflate gate, usually it's the week right before the super bowl, when you see the media attention ramping up but not right now, given what's happened. short time from now the patriots coach bill belichick will answer or perhaps deflect questions regarding the now infamous deflate gate. the patriots are accused of
6:26 am
underinflatiing footballs in th afc championship. they won against the end nap his colts. the upcoming conference is meant to address super bowl xlix but you can bet belichick will be blitzing questions about deflate gate. it is expected to happen at about 6:30 this morning. we'll let you know if he says anything at all. later today which warriors players will be playing in the all-star game next month. >> it should be at least one if not a few. steph curry at the top of the voting in the western conference. he's pritty much a shoo-in to be named a starter. >> last night's win over the rockets secured steve kerr's spot as coach. they set a new franchise record. >> pretty exciting. 6:26. it's the longest winning streak of the year for the markets. will it last? we'll break down the early
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numbers with scott mcgrew. and the tale of two agendas, what the congress and the president are doing today to try to push their policies and reconcile. cool start to our morning with a warm finish, pretty warm this weekend as well. we'll check the numbers with christina.
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up in flames a 17-hour fire fight continues as crews just trying to keep this massive blaze in new jersey from spreading. and we have some really great temperatures coming our way, and a little bit of rain as well. but for today, mostly clear to start, getting into this afternoon, highs five to ten degrees above average. lots of sunshine, and then that near record warmth comes in over the weekend. i think we'll smash some temperature records by sunday. more on that in moments. and not smashing any traffic records but you do have some folks that you're going to join with in the east bay, looking at fremont over my shoulder here, a clear view but not so clear for 580. we'll show you what's going on for the trivalley and how are things at the bay bridge? you might be surprised.
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plus a huge pivot overseas. europe will try to solve its economic woes american style as we watch the opening of the nyse, a company from brazil there, and let's go to switzerland and the nasdaq, live from davos and the world economic forum. >> that's always cool when they take the bell remotely. we're taking you outside as well from the south bay this morning overlooking san jose. today's thursday, january 22nd. this is "today in the bay." and a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. in politics this morning, it's a tale of two agendas. one by republicans intent on building an oil pipeline through middle america. the other from a president pushing policies to help the middle class that could end up going nowhere. >> in the middle of all the action, tracie potts live from
6:31 am
capitol hill with a laundry list of what the congress is facing today, a laundry list different from what they can pass into law. good morning. >> good morning, sam. also different from what the president's talking about out there. while they're dealing with everything from terror to abortion here on capitol hill, president obama is focused on the middle class and today he's hitting another red state, he's going to kansas. ♪ as president obama crisscrosses the country pitching what he calls middle class economics, congress is moving toward a vote on the keystone oil pipeline and dealing with a hodgepodge of other issues. from authorizing military force against isis. >> it's got to be a clear mission. >> reporter: to apportion. there's a vote to prohibit federal funding on the 42nd anniversary of roe versus wade. >> women's reproductive rights must be respected. >> reporter: livinging the trade embargo with cuba is on the back burner as historic high level
6:32 am
talks begin in havana today. >> we need to move on and the united states needs to move on. >> reporter: but it's the tone in washington that could threaten progress. >> the job of congressmen is to put forward alternative ideas but they've got to be specific. it can't just be no. >> he owes it to the american people to find a serious way to work with the representatives that they elected. >> reporter: and now a new controversy, house speaker john boehner invited israel's prime minister to address congress on iran without clearing that with the white house. >> the congress can make this decision on its own. i don't believe i'm poking anyone in the eye. >> reporter: his colleagues are working on a bill to fast track sanctions against iran. you haven't heard a lot about immigration, still too different paths they're taking there and no indication that either of those paths is getting anywhere in time soon. >> facing some big issues
6:33 am
tracie. thank you very much. all we can hope for is a little bit of civility in the process. >> always encouraged from our elected lawmakers. 6:32 right now. frncht politics to the weather, a safer topic taking a live look outside beautiful bay bridge. you see folks making their way across. this is a look from emeryville this morning. >> maybe if they spend some time in the bay area, relax a bit, head up to wine country and all come together on some sort of compromise, christina. it's in the air, something out here, good morning. >> good morning. everything seems to come together over a couple nice glasses of chardonnay or mer low merlot like me. in this is not our tourist season, if you want to get up to wine country, maybe you have the day off, a four-day weekend temperatures will be lovely, mostly clear and chilly to start. you're probably having coffee right now and definitely appropriate with 39 degrees in the south bay. 43 degrees on the peninsula.
6:34 am
49 degrees in san francisco and 43 in the north bay, where you're going to hit 68 degrees later on today. so it's going to be really, really comfortable, temperatures climbing significantly out in the north bay today. we'll hit 65 in san francisco and 65 degrees on the peninsula. 66 for us here in beautiful san jose. those numbers 5 to 10 degrees above average for this time of year with a few high passing clouds from time to time but we're not working with as much fog as we head out there yesterday. san francisco is mostly clear right now. here's the big weather story. your temperatures over the weekend when you have the time off to get up to wine country or hit the beach were looking great. bodega bay for example 65 degrees. on saturday up to 69 degrees by sunday but the warm spot is going to be santa cruz up to 80 degrees out there on sunday, which is almost unheard of, which is why this could be a new record in santa cruz. i think we're going to see records broken all across the east bay, and especially we have
6:35 am
a good chance right here in san jose, with numbers approaching the upper 70s. i'm forecasting 77 degrees on sunday. so more on that, quickly we're going to see some rain after we get this warming trend so we'll talk about that coming up. little bit of something for everybody. what other kind of weather you like, mike, whatever you want i have it in your seven-day forecast always scrolling at the bottom of your screen. what do you prefer? >> i like things a little on the cooler side, 70s, mid-70s to be precise, particular. whatever you can do about that, christina. dublin area we like the upper 60s what we're seeing here as you get toward the dublin interchange, the clearer view, we had some fog in the area that cleared up nicely. our map will show you, you don't have any real problems. you see the arrows a slowdown approaching north livermore avenue and south 680 from sunol to pleasanton. the two areas where the strask focusing, typical pat fern for the trivalley.
6:36 am
san jose and the silicon valley northbound route a typical pattern as well. the yellow creeping toward orange for north 87 and speeds coming into the upper 50s instead of the 60-mile-per-hour range. typical build on the east bay and heading across the san mateo and dumb barton bridges west 92 and 84 move nicely without any delays and the bay bridge toll plaza a live look, we had a lighter volume for about five minutes, things were moving nicely. we're startding to see the slowdowns. i would have been surprised by the shot i had before which i saw, so i was surprised. >> at the golden gate bridge, no surprises. >> there's the center median, nice flow of traffic. i watched the zipper truck move the center divide this morning, it was fascinating taken is moving without any flaws or hiccups, taking its way across the bridge >> it is interesting to watch. >> cool, huge operation. >> all that buildup and now works well.
6:37 am
doesn't usually work out that way. stimulus plan in europe right now could be affecting the markets here. this we've been open for a few minutes now. >> let's check the numbers with scott. how are we looking? >> good morning to you. the dow is up slightly but word is just getting out so let's take a quick live at the big board, 35 points to the positive. let's talk about what sam was ìá& central bank. we need -- europe needed them to do something big. here you see the bankers walking in for their announcement, this happened just about an hour ago, draghi, the head of the european central bank did something huge. you wanted big? he did huge. 1 trillion euros' worth of bond buying. this is exactly the same model sam and laura we saw with our own fed. they'll do 60 billion euros per month of purchases of government debt. the germans hate this idea. they think hey, maybe just don't have government debt. there's an idea. that's not going to work out for europe it doesn't seem. so this should jumpstart europe's economy in ways that no
6:38 am
other way could. we certainly didn't expect 1 trillion euro. >> a lot of money flooding in. hopefully deflation does not come down too much. >> pump it up. it is like the malls, right? 6:38 right now. still ahead a disturbing link between birth control and a rare brain tumor. what women taking certain contraceptives should know, next.
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hundreds of people right now
6:41 am
looking for a new place to live this morning, after this, a massive fire tore through a luxury apartment complex in new jersey, all of this right along the hudson river. the flames and the thick black smoke could be seen for miles. remarkably, nobody was seriously injured. the local mayor of edgewood declared a state of emergency late last night, said that schools in the area will be closed today as that fire continues to smolder. no word yet on what the cause is. >> it is 6:41. new study says there is a possible link to long-term use of birth control and brain tumors. according to researchers, women taking hormone contraceptives containingest gen, progesterone or a combination of both have a higher rate of one type of rare brain tumor. researchers say the results raised questions about the connection between contraceptives and brain cancer but shouldn't be interpreted as a reason to stop using them. >> okay. 6:41 right now. coming up next, measles reaches three bay area counties. what health officials want you
6:42 am
to do to try and keep this highly contagious virus from spreading. plus tying a coach's pay to an athlete's performance in the classroom. the controversial proposal up for vote today. and a live look outside right now, downtown san jose at daybreak. you can see the beautiful skies in the horizon, temperatures on their way up as we head into the weekend. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather, after this break.
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welcome back everyone. 6:44 right now. happening today, uc regents could vote on a controversial plan to tie a coach's pay with how well his or her athletes perform. not on the field but actually in the classroom. >> kind of a novel concept. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us in san francisco where board members will meet in about 90 minutes to discuss this very issue. is it considered to be i guess a
6:45 am
testy one, stephanie? >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you both, sam and laura. the regents meeting here at the mission bay campus at usual as you said in about an hour and a half and the usual police presence ahead of the regent's meeting. lot of the talk focused on money, first on the employee salary side, the figures available online show the top three highest paid are all from the athletic side making more than $2 million a year. so the idea the proposal is to link coaches' bonus pay to how well their students performed in both grades and graduation rates. this comes as the uc system struggle "the issue of funding. you may remember back in november the student protests where the board of regents approved janet innapolitano's proposal for a 5% tuition hike next fall. the governor threatened to withdraw funding all together. form he assembly speaker perez asked to rescind the tuition hike. >> i'm hopeful enough of my colleague also see the error of their ways in the last meeting
6:46 am
and will be able to have a discussion with we're not using students as pawn. >> reporter: napolitano asked the state for $220 million. jerry brown offered $120 million both sides are closer to resolution. yesterday the regents gave preliminary approval to make governor brown and napolitano the only two members of a committee that would be devoted to studying options on how to fund without the tuition hike and that is expected to get full approval today. the meeting begins at 8:30 this morning but it's open to the public starting at 10:15 this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> certainly one to follow, thanks a lot, steph. >> we'll see how they vote. 6:46, a live look outside the bay bridge and that kind of bluish haze that you only see about this time of the morning, and one of my favorite parts of the morning. christina, good morning. >> it was nice to see
6:47 am
stephanie's wind-swept hair out there. >> smart and beautiful. >> that's true, like someone else i know, sam. >> a lot of love shared there. i'll just step back. 6:46. that's a really good sign, why we have good air quality. we'll see the ocean breeze intensify as we head throughout the day today and also keeping our skies clear. some of that dense fog which likes to settle in with calm conditions. so the ingredients for fun, you may know this if you spent any duration of time in the bay area, clear skies, calm wind. the wind is our friend for today, and yes, stephanie looking fantastic out there. mostly clear and chilly conditions out there, as we head throughout the morning hours you want to grab the jacket, something you can ditch later on. 39 degrees in the south bay, 43 degrees on the peninsula. 46 degrees on the east shore and let me show you where we are headed, way above average and the number also on it climb as we get into that weekend. 66 degrees for the south bay. you're in the mid-60s all across the board with the exception of
6:48 am
the north bay and you're going to end up in the upper 60s out there. big waves on the way. there's an area of low pressure that will bring us rainfall, not until monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week but as it gets closer to us, it's going to kick up some really large southwest swells, and we're talking about 20-foot waves out there potentially as we head through friday when we see the peak of this. but even for today, if you're headed out to the beach, you really want to play it safe, watch out for sneaker wave if you're headed in the water with the wet suit, i would say hey, be careful out there, because rip currents are likely as well. as we head throughout friday to sunday, six to ten-foot swells and make sure that you're really, really safe but if you just want to drive down 1 and watch the big crashing waves, lovely conditions to do so. 66 degrees today in the south bay, we're at 70 degrees by friday. 73 on saturday, and look at this, on sunday, 77 degrees is the high. the record is only 70 degrees, so we are going to blow way past
6:49 am
that record. by monday, things start to change. i told you that system is coming in from the south and as a result it's a warmer system. as we head throughout monday night into tuesday, even wednesday, expecting some light shower activity, maybe a quarter of an inch in the south bay because that system moves through here first, and we could actually pick up maybe 0.1, maybe 0.2 of an inch in san francisco north of santa rosa. i like to keep you posted as to where we stand in terms of our average season rainfall. we're still doing okay because of that historic storm that we had in december. 19.51 inches, how much rain we had in the water year for santa rosa. we are at 100% of normal, holding on. obviously we got to dig out of three plus years of drought in this state and there is more rain on the way as we head(iz throughout next week as well. i have a lot to watch and will keep you updated. i don't like to keep anything
6:50 am
hidden from you, you're my friends like mike inouye. >> trying to get out of the record low for this month over here average for northbound 101, slowing just at 680, a live picture map, we'll tell a bigger tale about the south bay and 87, 85, 280 typical northbound build. no big surprises for 237 coming out of el viso and mountain view. 880 an easy drive, typical build, hayward toward union city and fremont. earlier crashes didn't cause a big problem so we have a smooth drive and this volume of traffic making its way west. look at the map from the trivalley to the peninsula, starting to see traffic flowing across the bridges and along 101, mild slowing there. trivalley, livermore, dublin, pleasanton, sunol, typical slowdown. over here looking at highway 4, antioch, concord, walnut creek,
6:51 am
no fog like you had yesterday but we have the slowdown because we have the commuters like we did yesterday. smooth drive down the east shore freeway as well as we look at the live looks. let's pick out the san mateo bridge, we show you westbound, a good volume of traffic but you can make out the hazy light across the high-rise so visibility is just fine across the peninsula and this is the reason why 101 is seeing a slowdown. i think we're back to the maps again and looking at the north bay, showing a slowdown for 37 as well as southbound 101 through petaluma and novato. san rafael a little slowing as well, the live look shows you the volume of traffic around the curves are the reason for that but nothing unusual down to the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> okay, thank you very much. new this morning, authorities have identified a south bay man who was shot to death in east palo alto. 36-year-old steven porter jr. of san jose was shot and killed as he sat in a car on cammilia drive on jasmine way a little
6:52 am
after 6:00 p.m. he was shot multiple times and died at the scene. the gunman took off before police could arrive and still on the loose this morning. get vaccinated. health officials are trying to keep the me sayles from spreading. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with what you need to know even if you didn't visit disneyland last month. >> that's the rub this morning. you didn't have to be at the happiest place on earth to have a risk factor and something that might be of particular interest here in the bay area, as we have some of the highest non-vaccination rates in the state, there are now cases in santa clara, san mateo, and almeida counties but down south, in the county where disneyland is 20 unvaccinated students are banned from going to school for three weeks. the disneyland measles outbreak is prompting drastic action by health officials in orange county. those 20 unvaccinated students told to stay home because one of their classmates showed up with measles there earlier this
6:53 am
month. 21 days being the incubation period for that airborne virus, which you can catch from an infected person without even coming into contact with that person, just about from being in a room where he or she was two hours before. the virus can live on cold, dry surfaces. experts say people without the vaccine are 35 times more likely to contract measles than those who have been vaccinated and of course the bay area home to more parents than in most places who choose not to vaccinate their kids at all or forego some of the recommended vaccinations. that's why california's chief epidemiologist says if you have not been vaccinated do not go to disn disneyland. if you have a baby too young to be immunized, avoid the airport because of the concentration of international travelers, folks who may not be vaccinated. talk to your doctor if you were born in the '70s or '80s, because you may not be fully protected. after that point there was a recommendation for a second booster vaccine that is now
6:54 am
commonplace around kindergarten age, 4 to 6 years old. if you were born in the 0s and '80s you might not have got gotten it. the symptoms are the rash that starts on the head and spreads, a high fever, those obvious but look for a cough, runny nose, red eyes, also diarrhea that comes and doesn't usually come with the flu or a cold, and an ear infection so if you have any of the symptoms you might want to talk to your doctor because as we now know you can have contracted it without even going to disneyland or coming into contact with someone you know has the virus. >> it is interesting how long it can live on a surface as well. >> we're used to purel, wipe it down and you're good to go but now it could be more risky. >> sure. a lot of people consulting their vaccination histories to see when was the last time i got the shot. >> i don't know if i got that booster or not. >> it's important to check. >> thank you very much. 6:54 right now. the new sidewalks in palo alto are sparkly and shiny and also dangerous. pieces of glass that are
6:55 am
supposed to be stuck in the concrete as part of the aesthetics of the design, they're shaken loose. the city says some areas have to be torn out and the city has to start all over again. >> "today in the bay's" rob redell joins us from downtown palo alto. the new sidewalks are part of a $7 million face lift. >> reporter: laura and sam, the city of palo alto investing $7 million to beautify a section of california avenue here, roughly between the el camino and the caltrain tracks and includes the new sidewalks you can see, concrete sidewalks embedded with this beautiful recycled glass. the problem is, the concern is that a few pieces of these glass shards are coming loose. you can see i've got a few that we found here this morning. not many, but just a few and this glass it's jagged. it is sharp. it's got sharp edges and the concern from some shoppers and business owners along the stretch of sidewalk is that obviously someone could get hurt especially a little kid if they were to fall down or people
6:56 am
walking their dogs. the dogs with their paws and whatonnot. there is concern. they've complained to the city. the city hall responded. we caught up with the city of palo alto yesterday and they have spoken with the contractor, and the contractor has agreed to fix the problem portions of this sidewalk, and even cover the cost of doing that. >> some of that area and report the concrete with the glass. >> i'm not happy about it, but what can you do? >> reporter: that gentleman we briefly heard from is the owner of a bagel shop that has the glass embedded sidewalk at his doorstep. he's not happy about the fact that portions of the sidewalk would have to be redone. he's afraid more construction outside his shop will hurt his business. again, as we mentioned this is part of a greater beautification project along california avenue, even though they might have to jackhammer out a section of the concrete, the city is confident that they can have this done in time for march, march being the
6:57 am
deadline that this project is supposed to be complete. again they're not expecting this to cause any delays. reporting live in palo alto, rob redell, "today in the bay." >> careful with the pets there. in the meantime thank you, bob. a staggering number coming out of europe this morning, 1 trillion euros. >> scott mcgrew that is what the eu central bank will spend to kickstart the economy. >> it's actually 1.3, 1.4, so we're rounding and what's 400 billion when you're rounding? go big or go home. draghi and the west of the ecb went big promising to buy up 60 billion euro worth of government debt each month. from which governments is less clear. we're talking about a whole european union here. it's an american way of handling deflation over there. i feel like there's a bill belichick joke somewhere in there. speaking of europe they opened nasdaq from davos, switzerland yesterday. the dow gained 60 points on the news of quantitative easing but has since fallen back.
6:58 am
enough about monetary policy. let's give you a puppet. remember this, the year was 2 0 2000, eight startup ads in the super bowl, the most first timer ads ever in super bowl history. seven of the eight companies no longer exist. nbc says this year we will see the most first-time super bowl advertisers since the dot-comboom. i wonder what that says about our fears of a bubble, i'm not sure but should be fun ads. >> what is it about a talking animal that really tugs at your heartstrings, i don't know. we're looking into that. i guess what sort of commercials are you looking forward to in this super bowl, christina? >> i'm looking forward to probably -- hello? >> okay, mike issues over here. >> i got my sock puppet, i can't perform without him. i'm looking forward to any of the commercials. because it's on nbc bay area we might have one with sam brock featured. 44 degrees on the peninsula.
6:59 am
47 on the east bay and 50 degrees in san francisco. 45 in the north bay. lovely conditions later on today in the mid-60s. >> a little touch and go here. we'll figure something out. in the meantime toss it over to mike. >> sam brock might sing? >> i've been known to dabble but that's not something that's planned. >> to the roadways, i'll work on sam and his vocal chords. over here the east bay shot for oakland a clear view, much clearer than yesterday. no drama on our maps as we look north of san leandro, a smooth flow toward the bay bridge, same thing east shore freeway. the bulk of the slowing for the bay typical pattern for hayward, 880. south bay your northbound routes on it build but no drama and that's great news. i will be happy to report this pleasant of a commute every morning. of course we don't, that's why you have me here. >> thanks a lot. that's what's happeninged it fpd we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for "nbc bay area news" at 11:00, and also have
7:00 am
more information on the deflate gate press conference. what did bill belichick say about these weird tactics? we'll find out and we will see you again in just a few minutes. good morning . breaking news, new england patriots head coach bill belichick directly addresses deflate-gate claiming he had nothing to do with under inflited footballs used by his team. >> i have never talked to any player, staff member about football air pressure. >> will his words quiet the growing scandal? the investigation moves forward. inferno -- a massive fire ripped through a luxury apartment complex in new jersey. the flames and smokeo


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